ClickFunnels Review 2019 for Business Startup

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Today I’m going to give you a completely unbiased clickfunnels review. So we’re gonna talk about what clickfunnels actually is what types of businesses should be running their business on clickfunnels?

Pricing membership options everything so let’s jump onto my computer open up my clickfunnels account so I can show you everything inside now.

You might be asking yourself what actually is clickfunnels.

And why do I need it for my business or doesn’t even actually work for my business and Clickfunnels is a sales funnel building software, so the great thing is if you already have a website.

Great for somebody kind of typing into Google and find more about your business.

But it’s more.

Educational right? It’s not really going to convert those people into leads.

So typically for every 100 people, you get to your main website.

You’ll get maybe one lead from the people visiting your site or as with the sales funnel.

We can actually convert about twenty to twenty-five times more people that are visiting our initial sales funnel into actual leads.

And then what we can do is we can have cool sales videos that we record once.

We show them in front of every single person and we can make sales on pretty much autopilot. Now. It really doesn’t matter.

What type of business you’re in you can pretty much tweak one of these sales funnels to any type of business a software business a dentist a chiropractor a marketing agency really any type of business can leverage sales funnels now with all that said let’s take a look at Click funnels as a sales funnel building software. Let’s see how it compares with some others.

Let’s check out the pricing the membership options everything so that you guys can have an a completely unbiased review.


So now that we have covered what a sales funnel is and the sales funnel.

Software and why we would actually would need click funnels. Let’s take take a look at some of their pricing options, right?

So down here if we scroll over here. There are two main pricing options right here.

ClickFunnels Pricing
ClickFunnels Pricing

You got the $97 a month basic plan, which gives you about twenty sales funnels. You can go through and create.

So if you’re doing webinars.

If you’re doing like you’re trying to book phone calls for your sales team or whatever it is.

This is a great option right here or you’ve got your enterprise option two hundred and ninety seven dollars per month.

You can create as many as 70 funnels for that price right there again.

You kind of see the differences of the number of pages inside the funnels number of unique visitors.

Contacts all that stuff so you can kind of see the differences on these two plans.

So most businesses starting out. All you would need is just as basic.

$97 per month now, if you run your whole business off of click funnels.

Then you might want to actually leverage that up and get a bigger plan with more funnel options and be able to go through and have more visitors coming to these sites now as far as email automation text messaging automation all those different things you can easily set those up with click funnels as well.

But a lot of these things you need a secure integration, which zapier is basically a software.

That’s awesome. And it communicates all different software’s together so you can see down here. Also, there are membership sites.

So like let’s say you have a digital training that you’re wanting to sell.

Let’s say you’re a coach or consultant something like that.

You can set up all your video training inside of clickfunnels and they can get access to that and you can see there’s unlimited.

Members right there if you run webinars so automated webinars live webinars.

Inside of clickfunnels as well as up cells down cells all these check out pages.

You can connect with stripe PayPal a lot of different payment processors.

With your clickfunnels account and one cool thing that I absolutely love about clickfunnels is what they call share funnel.

So let’s say that you have a sales funnel that works extremely well and you want to share it with a client.

Okay, all you got to do is just like you just copy this little URL and just with one click your client can go and transport that sales funnel into their clickfunnels account.

So, makes it really easy to go through and build something once and then be able to transfer it to multiple different, accounts with just one single click alright.

So now that said guys let’s jump into my actual click funnels account so I can show you guys inside the dashboard how to actually create sales funnels how easy it is and I’ll share with you some of my favorite things about click funnels and some things that maybe could have some improvement.

ClickFunnels inside the dashboard
Inside the dashboard

So let’s jump over here. So this is basically where it’s going to list out all of your different funnels.

You can see I’ve got several different categories. You can group them. I’ve got a lot of funnels in here.

Go through and easily share with my clients that I’m working with. But let’s go through and create one completely from scratch

Okay, so if we want to go through and create one from scratch and say you’re brand new you’re like.

Oh, man, is this gonna be too confusing? If you’re not tech savvy you have zero experience building funnels. It’s actually super easy.


So what we’re gonna do is come over here click on add new right there.

And we’ve got this cook book builder process or the classic funnel builder now, I’ll show you guys both really quick.

Start the cook book

So the start of the cook book, although I like to usually do the create new funnel on this side.

The classic funnel builder will just go through and I’ll show you the cookbook basically some of their different funnel recipes.

Classic Funnel Builder

So if you have a video sales letter.

This is basically if you got like a 15 to 20 minute long video that is talking about your product selling your services.

This is able to go through and just quickly get that funnel all set up. This is visible funnel.

I’m not really sure exactly what this one is.

I think this one’s more specific to Russell Brunson who is their founder and kind of some different things that he’s doing but you can easily go through and sort by industries. Like let’s say you’re in you know b2b or maybe you do ecommerce or something like that daily deal funnel squeeze page funnel bridge funnel, or maybe you’re in network marketing.

Whatever it is you have all of these funnel options or let’s say you just want to go through and generate leads for your business.

Okay, so you’ve got all these different ones you’ve got like this application funnel or you’re gonna go through and sell a product.

So it’s kind of nice you can go through and sift in sort through all these different funnel types. Okay?

So let’s just say I want to do one that’s gonna generate leads.

Okay, so you can say I want their contact info. I want an application. I want to run a survey

So for this one, I’m just gonna say I want their contact info and let’s just choose.

Let’s do this squeeze page phone right here. Okay, so we’re just gonna select this and It’s gonna go through it. Looks like he’s gonna have this is russell brunson.

He is the founder of click funnels.

He’s gonna have a little video tutorial like what it is how long it takes actually get everything set up and so coming down here we can kind of choose our different templates that we want to go and use okay.

Different template of clickfunnels

So coming down here

Let’s just look they’ve got several different templates that we can go through and choose from let’s use the Jason squeeze page funnel because it looks like that’s my name right here. So we’re just going to go through and use that.

So let’s just say get the funnel so you can see the first page squeeze page right there.

Second page it basically can send them to wherever you want. So then all you got to do is take a get funnel and this will just go through and create this funnel inside your account.

And then I want to show you the website builder because the website builder is super easy to go through and change out any of the images text background like even if you have no experience with technology, coding anything like that.

It’s super easy. Okay, so this is your main URL and you can set up a customized URL, So if we click on this right here.

You’ve got this landing page then someone comes in here puts in their email address. It’s sign me up. Boom

You got you got their info and then down here. This is the thank-you page

So after they opt-in from the landing page

They go to the Thank You page and you can see this right here

And this is basically saying like hey, what should we do next? Where should we send them?

Okay, so all we got to do if we want to edit. Let’s say this landing page right here.

We just come over here to edit page and this will kick us into the website builder and we can go through let’s say let’s click on this image right here.

Let’s say we want to upload a different image.

Okay, so I’ve got this image right here myself and this might need to be readjusted resized but see it’s a little bit small but you can easily go through and just change up this whole page or you just come up here and you want to change the text.

You just go through and like change the text write whatever you want. So say write whatever you want. Okay, and so it’s super easy if you want to go through throw in your logo right here.

This is another image spot right there. Let’s see

Let’s say this is our logo add the image in right there and then it’s like, okay.

Well, the duck background is be a little bit darker.

So we come over here change out the background make it a little bit darker get some background shots.

Click on that once it’s a little bit gray see so use it’s really easy to go change everything now

This went a little bit dark. So now I want to make this white.

So we come over here make that white make this one white as well.

And you see how easiest is to go through and get set up and the cool thing is if you want to go through and add different sections or different rows or columns or anything like that. You can easily come over here.

Let’s say add a new section and I want the full width or medium or small or wide or whatever it is so let’s say full width on this one and then we want.

Something let’s say we want three columns right here. Okay, so you just come through it.

You just see how easy it is to go and change up anything here. And then we add a new element.

So an element is going to be like an image a button a picture anything like that so we can come in here.

Let’s say we want to add a video. Okay, so we come over here click on this video.

We can add a video from YouTube Vimeo Wistia any of these different.

Services right there and then over here. Let’s say let’s add you’ve got all these different options right here.

So let’s say we’ve got this countdown timer, okay.

So if we want to like have a scarcity or urgency over here

We just click on this and let’s say we’re gonna have it for four hours in 37 minutes in 23 seconds and then once it expires it redirects to a specific URL you choose some different themes right here.

So let’s say maybe some boxes and you can see like you can change the size to be large and then if like okay that’s like a little bit weird. So we wanted to go through and change that up.

Okay, so you guys can see how easy it is to go through and set up with this website builder.

You can have popups on the page.

So if you want to show the pop-up right there.

you can change out any part of this pop-up and make it so that when someone’s going to exit out of your landing page this pops up to grab the contact information grab the email and so that’s basically the website builder super easy as you guys can see right there now a couple of other things I want to show you.

On this whole funnel setup is if we come over here to the automation portion.

This is where we can create automated emails that are going to or automated text messages.

So once somebody opts into this landing page just like over here they come in here they put in their email you can easily add their name their phone number any other types of contact information that you want to grab and then you can add a new action. Add a new email at a new text message

Just come over here and just put you know, hey, okay, we want to integrate with Twilio what’s happening?

I want to send this to everyone. What’s the message? How long do you want to wait for and then hit create text?

Okay, so it’s great to have all this automation. So every single new lead that comes into your business.

You can easily simplify it right here and have all the automation in place and then another thing I want to show you guys here on top of all this with automation is.

You can go through and have like let’s say you want to connect your merchant account? Okay

So let’s say you have a stripe account where that’s what processes all the money that you’re trying to transactions go through online.

You can easily come in here and just go and connect your stripe account or if you have another merchant.

I know they connect with a lot of other merchants.

I know PayPal is another big one and so you can easy go through and have a checkout page.

So you want to sell your product online? Let’s say you have a digital product or you have a service or whatever it is.

You can easily come in here and do that and on top of all this you also can make your products available for affiliate commissions, okay.

So basically what affiliate marketing is filling the Commission’s let’s say you have a product and let’s say that products $100.

Well, if you’re on a paid advertising, maybe it costs you $50 to make that 100 hour sale.

Okay, so your profit overall is 50 bucks, right? Obviously

You probably have some other expenses. But do you pay $50 to you in ads you make 100 our sale you make 50 bucks.

Well, if there’s other people on the internet that have your same audience like let’s say you work with chiropractors and you have this product that is perfect for chiropractors and you’re like hey, if anyone else wants to send people towards my sales funnel. I’ll pay you 40 percent of the sales price.

So if it costs you $50 in paid ads to get that hundred our sale.

That’s that’s basically 50 percent, right?

Whereas you can set up an affiliate plan where everyone that sends like emails or makes Facebook post or anything like that and sends them to your product and they buy.

Your only paying out 40% or I ought to say at the end of day you could do whatever you can do 50%, 60%, 70% and then down here you can see there are several zapier integrations. And for those you guys who have used software.

You know how important is a pure is because a peer is basically the communicate communication tool of the internet, right?

So it allows you to connect clickfunnels with any like active campaign or MailChimp or Trello?

Whatever type of software out there the zapier is kind of like that central hub that allows Clickfunnels to communicate with any of these other softwares. Ok Infusionsoft.

You can see down here Salesforce and so you’ve got all these different web hooks.

You can manage third-party memberships with PayPal jvzoo clickbank warrior plus so you have all of these different options over here.

Ok, so that is kind of like a basic squeeze page over here now

Let me just show you guys. I want to go back to the funnel. So let’s actually do build a funnel right here. Ok, just

Go over here. Let’s do the create new funnel and let’s say I want to sell my product


So I’m gonna do a semi-product and just walk you through as you can see this is super easy.

Or you can actually build a sales funnel.

Or you can do a product launch like you have a new product that’s gonna be released and you want to build a pipe before.

It even launches. This is a great funnel choice or let’s say you’ve got a digital training that you want to release to everyone.

Ok, so you’ve got this membership right here you choose this and it will say this is a demo.

Put it in the group demo, and we just build the funnel.

Alright, so this will go through and create a membership center where you can have all of your members create their own login, so their name email password and then they can go log back in and you can see they’ve got all these different templates.

It’s like right here. Ok. This is a basic template you throw in your video. It’s just really nice looking you go throw in your own logo right there and then down here this membership area.

I’ll just show you some of these templates right here so you can kind of get a feel for what this looks like

Okay, so this clean members area so you can go through and customize this make all different modules sections have as many videos as you

Want here to go through?

And you know teach whatever course you’re teaching or be able to easily deliver your virtual product.

Okay, so let me just see if there’s anything else over here.

So we’ve got the click funnel side of things, which is the sales funnels.

And now the the higher-end one which is the 297 dollar month plan that allows you to have what’s called?

Action nedick’s that’s kind of like their email text marketing follow-up. It’s a lot of marketing automation stuff, so this is where all of your contacts are gonna be stored in here. And so it’s kind of like if you think about like Infusionsoft for example, that’s kind of like what’s going on here?


Where you can go through and set up different triggers and tags and all these different cool things right here follow up funnels broadcast emails all that and then this backpack over here. This is where you can set up your own affiliate commissions for your products. So like let’s say you’ve got a product service whatever it is, whether it’s a digital training or an actual service that you do.

And you want to be able to incentivize people to actually sell it for you? That’s where you set this all up right over here.

What I’ll also do is I’ll have a link so you can grab a free 14-day trial

Just give it a go in and play around with it. See what you think. Test it out for yourself

I mean the nice thing is this free 14-day trial.

You can easily come up here into your profile settings and just cancel if you don’t want to continue on after the 14 days and if you guys go down and click right below this video and

Sign up for a free 14-day trial with that link. I will share with you

My number one Facebook ad sales funnel.

Template that I have been using for years that has made me a lot of money.

So I’ll be able to give that to you guys with that share funnel concept.

I told you about you can just transfer that into your account and have that and be able to go through and help you grow your business and the guys this template it works for pretty much any type of business.

If you’re looking for leads, if you’re looking for sales, this template works amazingly well so go right down click on that free 14-day trial grab your own account and what it is pricing anything like that the pros or cons or anything?

Just let me know!

No matter what business you’re in if you’re looking to start your own business, you’re looking to grow your current business, It’s a great way to go through and do that with massive leverage through automation.


Reviewed by Jason Wardrop

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