Double Sales by Creating Upsell or Down sell Funnel Easily

Double sales

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“Double sales” is not easy to work.

But It’s doesn’t mean that it is impossible at all.

If you feel that your number of sales is so low..

The cost of advertising is so high so the profit is so low..

Of after doing some A/B split testing of your funnel, the result still same…

I think there is something that you need to fix in your funnel.

Of course, if you want to change your entire funnel, it will make you spend a lot of budgets.

Web designer, programmer, the budget of testing the funnel, so much you have to spend.


Me too..! If I have the same problem.

Impossible to scale your business if you don’t know how to fix it.

What most people do, when the number of sales low is increasing the budget of advertising.

I don’t think that this is the right steps.


It depends on the ROI.

If the ROI is negative, it means it scales the negativity.

You just scale your loss.

It means that you just burn the money just for advertising.

This way will bring your business out of the business.

Actually, the steps that you need to do is fixing the funnel.

But most people reluctant to do it.


There are some reasons.

  1. They have low techy skill.
  2. Hiring people to fix the funnel need much money to spend.
  3. They don’t know how to fix it.

If you do nothing, you just put your business at risk. Why? Your business depends on advertising.

The result of advertising is really random. It means you will get high profit and another time you will lose.

Fix it by double your sales

I know double the number of sales is not easy (before I know this).

You have to make a deal with a complicated funnel, web designer, programmer and also have to spend the money on funnel testing.

But some month ago, I found an interesting platform that will help all of that.

Then you don’t need to pay monthly for the platform.


Because the platform is sold with onetime payment.

What is that?


Double sales with thrivecart

Actually, ThriveCart is a checkout page like Samcart or Paykickstart.

But I think ThriveCart is better than others.

Besides it has all of the major features like other platforms, you don’t need to pay monthly anymore.

And.. If we talk about the sales, it will be interesting.

You can create upsell funnel that can double your sales easily without so much effort, so much money or so much time.

The good news is ThriveCart can solve your problem.

You can create high quality upsell or down sell funnel that makes your sales increased.

The cart page is designed to optimize the conversion easily.

Whatever the platform you use now, Clickfunnels, WordPress, or Shopify, you can integrate them to ThriveCart.

Why Upsell and Down sell can double sales and higher your profit?

There are some answers to this question.

In the first sale, maybe there is a cost for the acquisition.

What is that?

This is the cost to make people purchase at the first time such as advertising cost.

So the first net profit is the sale profit diminished by the advertising cost.

  • This is a very old marketing technique that is used in conventional marketing.

This technique is still used now.

For example the big company such as Mc Donald or KFC.

They never let the customers go after the first sale and offer with the next offer.

And Thrivecart develops the feature according to the technique.

  • Helps you reduce your advertising cost.

If you use an advertising platform such as Facebook ads or Google ads to drive traffic, you can reduce your advertising cost.


Because you can advertise multiple products (upsell and down sell) within a single campaign.

  • Reduce recurring cost.

If you use a similar platform such as Samcart or Paykickstart, you will find that those platforms make you need to pay at least $99/mo.

So in one year, at least you need to pay $1188,-. It is not included website hosting, domain or landing page builder such as Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

How ThriveCart can double or triple your sales?

I think I need an illustration as an example for you.

Before that, I give you a note that ThriveCart can work for digital product (onetime payment or recurring payment) or physical product.

I give you one example of product digital.

You have a $50/mo membership class. Averagely, you know that after 5 months, most or your subscription unsubscribe. It means your average customer worth is $250.

What if you give them an upsell that offer a reduced annual subscription. It can increase your potential of average customer worth. For example, you offer $400 for an annual subscription. It means $200 cheaper than the normal price. But remember, your customer retention is 5 months ($250).

So every customer you get will pay an additional $150. So it increases your revenue, isn’t it?

So it depends on how you set your upsell funnel.

How does it work?

Please see the video below.


Best things about Thrivecart

There are some best things about ThriveCart that make me so interested:

  1. Easy to use because it designed for all different levels of skill. So it need not “programmer skill” to use it.
  2. Save your time to design high-quality funnel that increases your revenue stream.
  3. Flexible to use because you can integrate it with big platforms such as WordPress, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, or Shopify.
  4. Help you to segment your audience according to your autoresponder (whatever it is), so you can manage your buyer list easily.
  5. Reduce your advertising cost, because you can create multiple funnels so you can sell multiple products in a single campaign.
  6. Save your budget, because you just pay once and you don’t have to pay monthly anymore. You can find a similar platform like ThriveCart at $99/mo. So it really-really saves your money and a big investment for you.

The Bad News is ThriveCart’s onetime payment will end in a short time.

This is really bad because the one-time payment will be end soon. Now the price is $595, but after the offer ends, the price will be $99/mo.

It means a year you should pay $1188/year.

If you want to make a big investment, save the money and get more benefit, you can make an investment now.

You can take a special offer from this ThriveCart.

== ThriveCart Limited Onetime Payment ==

double sales with thrivecart

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