How to Increase Sales Volume with Small Amount of Traffic

how to increase sales with small traffic

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Increase Sales with Low Traffic = Possible

Some people said that traffic is king, or sometimes queen.

I don’t know which one is right.

One thing that I know that traffic is important to increase sales. 

Unfortunately most people are feeling frustrating while they generate traffic.

When they choose free traffic, the feel so hard to build the search engine optimization (SEO), but when they choose pain traffic such as facebook ads or google ads, they find those platforms are really expensive.

So, to bring so much traffic to their website / business, they have to spend much money.

It means “If you want to increase sales, you need to pay more for the traffic

The main problem is not there.

Sometimes, the budget for the traffic is bigger than the profit that generated by the traffic.

That what the most people are experienced.

This is serious problem.

You have to fix it.

Ruin The Business - Increase Sales


If You Ignore that, You Ruin Your Business Seriously


Whatever the business you are running now, if you have those problem, you will get your business out of business.

It means your investment gone, no sales and no income.

So pity..

Maybe you think that small traffic will potentially make your business out the business.

Actually the cause is not the small traffic.

Actually any business will survive even bigger just using small traffic, but for most people it doesn’t work.

There are many reason why this is happen.

  1. They don’t understand who the customer is, so they bring wrong people.
  2. They don’t understand what their prospect need, so when they visit the website/landing page, they are not interested.
  3. They don’t have any formula how to lead the visitor into a buyer.
  4. They don’t have any system to follow up the “exit visitors” that haven’t convert in to buyers yet.

So what happen if you just do nothing and hope the circumstance will be better? You will get your business end.

No customer..

No sales..

No money..

Mistake - increase sales formula

I Just Made the Same Mistake before

At 2008, I built my online business and I generated free traffic using SEO. Actually the traffic was so high, but the conversion (sales / leads) was so low.

Only a few traffic was converted and the rest was gone without any result.

At that time, I also tried to use paid traffic like google adwords (now called google ads).

The result was same.

And the thing that made me so sad was the result.

I didn’t generated sales even after I had spent budget for paid traffic.

If you have the same situation at this time, so you have the same mistake like I had before.

So where was the mistake?

I think this mistake also experienced by most people.

The mistake was about the system.

At that time, I didn’t have system, how to lead the traffic / visitor that had come into my page.

The expert call this FUNNEL.

After I understand what “funnel” is, I know that we can build a system that convert every dollars that you have spent for the traffic.

So… even though you have small of traffic because you budget for traffic limited, you still can have sales because of the funnel.

Maybe some of you get confuse what is the different between landing page and funnel?

Landing page is about one page that optimized for one action.

When we talk about funnel, it contains multiple landing pages that is created to lead, educate and persuade people to become a customer.  


Funnel to Increase sales


Funnel is more powerful than a Landing Page to Increase Sales

“What’s wrong with landing page?”

“Is it same with funnel but just contain with one page?”

There are some of you may be asking like this.

Yes you’re right.

The thing that is not right is the mindset.

You have to know, only a few people that come to your website at the first time will become your buyer.

The rest will exit.

 So you have multiple landing page that will turn your visitor into buyer.

Actually some of you have ever seen the funnel, but you don’t realize that the page is a funnel.

Good funnel maybe look like this:

==> Content Page that educate or introduce the product you promote event it is not your own product

==>  Landing page with Optin Form (opt-in page / Squeeze Page)

==>  Followed Sales Page that Sell Product

==>  Followed by checkout page to make transaction

==>  Followed by series of upsell

That’s good series of page in a funnel.

Until this part, you still reading means that you understand that having funnel is really important for increasing the sales.

Then if you just use landing page for your business, then you can level up your business once more with funnel.

With Funnel: Small traffic bring sales, More Traffic will Increase your Sales

After all, it’s your time to solve your business.

It’s time to make right choice.

Rather than you use your old way to generate income and it is not working, at this time, you can try to build any funnel for your business and generate income unstoppably.

The question is where to start.

Actually, you can build your good funnel by following the “good funnel” I wrote before.

You can make every page manually.

I mean.. old ways such as:

  • Hiring website designer / developer ($3000 – $25.000 onetime payment)
  • Buying a hosting ( $50-$300/year)
  • Pay for email marketing platform ($25-up /mo)
  • Pay for checkout page platform ($299/mo)
  • Pay for membership site platform ($79- $599/mo)
  • And also pay for online course platform such as thinkific ($29-$449)

It means you have to prepare more budget to create a funnel.

Don’t forget, what you will spend will bring you lot of sales and explode your income even if you don’t have so much traffic at this time.

All what you need when you create a funnel provided in a single platform and with affordable price.

What is that?

All you need is Clickfunnels

You just need to pay $99/mo and you need all feature that you need.

Even if you are newbie you can just use this platform easily.

Clickfunnels is designed for dummies that want to be a professional in their business.

By using clickfunnels you don’t need to hire web designer that will cost you thousands of dollars.

What if you have never built a website before..

Emm.. Clickfunnels gives you many HIGH QUALITY Template that you can customize easily by drag and drop elements, even if you are not a professional.

If you curious about clickfunnels and want to start now, you can start using Clickfunnels for free 14 days.

You can get 14 days Clickfunnels trial right here.


If you have small traffic right now, you can increase the sales of your business by creating good funnel.

Creating funnel of business from the scratch will cost you much money except you do it alone.

But now all problem is solved using Clickfunnels.

All features that you need when you start build a funnel from the scratch.

If you have sales, you can increase the traffic slowly while you get profit from the sales.

So what are you waiting for?

Just try Clickfunnels free for 14 days with No Risk.

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